9 Signs Your Siding Needs to Be Repaired

Repair your siding to prevent water damage
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Aug 7, 2023

The siding on your house has one primary job: to protect your home from the weather. Over time, siding can become damaged or undergo wear and tear that make it less effective at protecting your home. Sometimes, siding needs to be replaced entirely, but there are many cases in which siding can be repaired instead. In many cases, the difference between the need for repair and the need for replacement is the extent of the damage. Look out for these signs that your siding needs to be repaired.

Sign #1

The Siding Has Visible Damage

If a storm has just come through your area, or you’ve had a particularly windy day, it’s a good idea to spot-check your siding to look for any damage. A storm could cause cracks, holes, or other damage to sections of your siding. Physical damage like this may be repairable rather than requiring a full replacement of the siding so long as the siding is otherwise in good condition.

It’s a good idea to check your siding regularly for physical damage because things like misthrown baseballs or falling tree branches can also damage your siding. Damage doesn’t always occur after a storm.

Sign #2

The Siding Is Warped or Rotted

If you see panels of siding that are warped or rotted, you should repair or replace those panels as soon as possible. This is a sign that water has penetrated into the siding panels themselves. This means that the waterproof protective layer that is meant to shield your home from the elements isn’t doing its job as well. If water can get within the siding itself, then water may be able to get into your home and the foundations as well.

Sign #3

The Paint Is Peeling or Fading

If you notice that the paint is faded, peeling, or missing altogether on your siding, it’s time to first inspect the siding for other problems. Then, it’s time to repaint the siding. The paint plays a major role in keeping the siding waterproof and if it isn’t there, the siding won’t be able to protect your home as effectively.

Sign #4

The Nails Are Rusty or Missing

Nails are what keep your siding attached to the house. If they’re rusting or missing altogether, that’s a sign the siding panels aren’t firmly connected to the house. A strong windstorm could pull some of the siding off of your home, leaving it less protected from the weather. Usually, if the nails are rusting, the rust will bleed down the side of the house, discoloring the siding.

Sign #5

The Siding Is Mildewing

Mildewing siding in green being cleaned

Mildew on your siding is another sign of water damage. It’s important to repair or replace siding as needed as quickly as possible so the water damage doesn’t extend further. Water damage that occurs inside the house can be even more expensive to repair than if the siding is repaired quickly.

Sign #6

Your Energy Bills Are Higher Than Normal

On top of protecting your home from the elements, siding also helps to keep cool or warm air inside the house. If your energy bills are higher than they normally should be for that time of year, then take a look at your siding. It’s possible that there’s some damage that you hadn’t noticed that is causing the cool or warm air to escape, making your HVAC system work harder to keep your house either cool or warm.

Sign #7

The Caulk Is Cracking or Shrinking

The caulk plays an important role in the overall function of the siding system. If you notice that it’s cracking or if it’s shrinking in-between siding panels, that’s a sign that repairs are needed. Water can get in between the caulk and cause water damage to the siding or even into the house.

Sign #8

There’s Water Damage Inside the House

Shingle roof on yellow house with siding

If you see water damage inside your home, it’s getting in from the outside somehow. If it’s coming from the ceiling, then it may be from an upper story or coming in through the roof. However, if it’s located elsewhere, such as on a wall, then it may be coming in due to a fault or damage to the siding.

Sign #9

Loose or Missing Siding Panels

If there are any siding panels that are obviously coming loose or that are missing altogether, the entire siding system is compromised. These siding panels need to be either properly reattached or replaced. For any siding repairs or replacements, you should contact a professional so that you know the job is done right.

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