Roofing Style Guide: Right Colors for Shingles

How to choose a shingle color that complements your home
Jun 3, 2021

Your roof plays a major role in the overall appearance of your home. This is why choosing the right color for your roof is incredibly important. A well-balanced blend of color gives your guests (or prospective homebuyers) a key first impression.

Follow our comprehensive guide to choosing the right colors for your shingles.

How to choose the perfect color shingle

If a roof replacement is currently in the works, you could consider changing its color. These 10 tips can help you choose the right color and style for your roof.

1. Complements the siding and shutters

Look for a roof color that complements the exterior features of your home, like the siding or shutters. A dark brown roof would look boring with dark color sidings. For more detail, read our blog on tips for coordinating your home’s roofing and siding. You can also pick a mixture of colors, like tan, brown, or gray and black shingles if such combinations give your home a balanced look.

Home siding color Roof shingle color
Brown Blue, black, green, charcoal, and light or dark brown
Red Dark brown, black, dark green, or dark gray
Blue White, brown, gray, or black
White Green, black, gray, red, brown, or blue
Beige/Tan Dark blue, brown, dark green, or black
Gray White, dark gray, dark green, black, or dark blue

2. Blend colors

The lines of asphalt shingles are made in solid colors and blends. Some manufacturers offer no variations whereas others have multiple blends.

The plainer your siding is, the more blended shingles are needed to give your house an appealing look. For instance, a house with dark brown wood siding and a black roof gives a boring look.

On the contrary, if your home’s siding has varied colors, like a brick with multiple shades or stone with varied colors, then your color-blended shingles will fail. Pick a solid roof when your house shows variations.

3. Consider neighborhood standards

You should pick a color that blends with what others are using in your area. This should specifically be considered when homes are positioned close together.

Consider the bylaws regarding exterior home colors if you have a homeowner’s association in your neighborhood.

Overview of a quiet suburban street

4. Remember the climate of your area

Dark colors absorb more heat than light shingles. Although the best protection against heat loss and gain is a proper insulation system, the color of your shingles can also play a key role in affecting the attic temperature.

Warmer climates

If you live in areas with hot climates, opt for lighter roof shingle colors. Light colors reflect heat off the house instead of absorbing it. This helps in keeping your house cooler in the summer months and saves you on a high utility bill.

Cool climates

Dark color shingles (such as black) are perfect for houses located in cold climates. They help absorb heat and retain it in the middle of winter.

5. Consider your home’s architectural style

Consider the architectural styles of your home and choose the roof shingle color accordingly.

Colonial style homes

Colonial homes mostly feature large expensive layouts with bright white siding. For these homes, a darker roof works well. Darker neutrals such as gray or black are all good options.

Mediterranean style homes

Mediterranean homes usually have low-pitched roofs, arches over doors and windows, and stucco siding. As the colors of the Mediterranean home’s siding are light, warm rust colors for roof shingles are a recommended option.

Victorian homes

Since Victorian homes have a steeply pitched roof, your roof’s color should not be too dark or contrast with the color of the house. The heavy architectural components of a Victorian lend themselves better to softer colors for shingles.

Ranch Homes

Ranch homes usually have a neutral siding, like, gray, brown, or beige. The roof shingle color for such homes leans favorably to dark neutrals, such as dark brown or gray.

Modern homes

Modern or contemporary homes primarily have flat, low-pitched roofs with simple designs. They usually have marble, chrome, or stainless steel elements. Roof shingles having darker browns and grays are a perfect fit for these homes.

6. Match samples with the siding

Similar to flooring, upholstery, and other interior materials, individual shingle samples are also available to take home so you can match them to your home’s siding. You can find them at many roofing contractors. These samples help you evaluate how the shingles will look when installed next to your siding, shutters, gutters, and house trim.

Roof shingles color options

7. Gauge different lightings

We recommend you examine homes that have the same roofing shingle color you’re willing to install. If you see a home with a similar pitch and roofline, you’ll get a clear picture of how the shingles look in natural light.

Have any relatives or friends who have a favorable shingle color? Visit their home and observe how the shingles look throughout the day, under different lighting, and in various weather conditions.

8. Feel free to express your favorite color or style

With a huge variety of different dimensional colors and styles available, you can use shingle color to express your own individuality and style.

When you finally decide upon changing your roof, ensure that the color enhances the curb appeal of your house while appealing to you and your family. Use the opportunity of changing a shingle color to refresh your home’s exterior and give it a new appealing look.

9. Hire an experienced home designer

Not sure what roof color will suit your red brick home? Consider hiring a professional. You always have an opportunity to contact a roofing contractor for a professional opinion.

10. Choose dark neutrals if you’re still confused

If you are still unsure of what color to choose for your new roof shingles, opt for dark neutrals. Browns and grays befit a wide range of home styles and colors.

A charcoal gray color works well with most styles and sidings.

Home against a blue sky

Ready to choose your color?

Choosing your next roofing shingle can be a fun and exciting experience. Smith Roofing can be a part of this process, giving you expert advice as you reimagine and enhance the exterior of your home. Contact us today for a free quote.