Tips for Coordinating Your Home’s Roofing and Siding

How to Match Your Roof to Complementary Siding Colors
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Nov 7, 2022

Planning to invest in a new roof or siding for your home? As with any home improvement project, roofing is a long-term investment in your home. You want to get a style and color you’re happy with. To do this, you’ll need to make sure you consider the best home exterior and roof color combinations first. Repainting a home can cost as much as $4,000 with new siding skyrocketing to nearly $15,000 on average. You’ll want to make sure your new roof harmonizes with your home’s existing exterior to avoid any necessary changes down the road.

We’ve outline how to pick the best siding and roof color combinations for your Tennessee home, including the top considerations you should keep in mind.

How to Match Your Roof to Complementary Siding Colors

With all that in consideration, it’s time you narrow down your search for the perfect roofing color by considering your home’s existing exterior.

White Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, black, green, or blue roof shingles.

brown house exterior

Home’s with white exteriors are relatively versatile. This means you can pair it with pretty much any roof color you’d like. However, white roofing may not be the best option as it can wash out the home. If you’re aiming for a lighter overall appearance go for gray shingles. If you’re worried your home won’t have enough definition, you can bring more character to it with a complementary trim color.

Blue Exterior

Pair with light gray, dark gray, or black roof shingles.

brown house exterior

If your home’s exterior is blue you’re a bit more limited on roofing colors. You’ll want to avoid using brown or tans as this will clash with the cool tone of your home’s exterior. Grays and blacks make a particularly lovely combination for a cohesive overall look.

Beige Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, black, green, or blue roof shingles.

brown house exterior

To complement the light exterior of a beige home, darker roof colors are recommended. Avoid using light variations of any of the recommended color pairings.

Brown Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, green, or blue roof shingles.

brown house exterior

Brown home exteriors lend themselves to being quite versatile. You can stick to pairing with warm roof colors but cool tones will work just as well. We recommend warmer toned roofing shingles simply because it created a more cozy and inviting appearance than cooler tones. However, if you want a modern look with a more elegant feel, cool-toned roofing colors (like a soft gray) are a great fit.

Red Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, green, or black roof shingles.

brown house exterior

A home with a red exterior will pair best with earthy roof shingles. This creates a contrast that calms the more lively red. This creates an overall look that is vibrant without being too harsh or overpowering.

Grey Exterior

Pair with white, gray, black, green, or blue roof shingles.

brown house exterior

A light gray home is best matched with a darker roof color for a clean, contrasting appearance. If your home is a dark gray, go for a lighter color roof.

Yellow Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, black, or blue roof shingles

brown house exterior

Yellow homes have a more limited number of roof color pairings for a cohesive look. With yellow homes, you’ll want to pay careful attention to how the shades and tones of the color you pick look against one another.

Wood Exterior

Pair with brown, gray, black, green, and white roof shingles.

brown house exterior

Homes with wood or log exteriors go well with earthy colors. We recommend green, brown, or gray above other options as this helps to create a distinguished overall appearance.

Key Considerations When Selecting New Roofing

Permanent Features

You can change your landscaping, you can change the color of your front door, but there are some features of your home that aren’t so easily switched out. Features like the chimney and columns aren’t so easy to change. Unless you’re particularly invested in home remodeling, it’s better to work with the space you have when coordinating the color of your new roof.

Home Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style will also play a part in what roof color your pick. Is your home traditional, modern, beach-front? Considering the location and style of your home can greatly influence the color you pick, and even the style of the roofing itself.

Warm or Cool Tones

You should also consider the tone of your existing siding and potential roof colors. You’ll want to pair like colors, warm with warm and cool with cool, for the best overall appearance.

Warm tones include earthy colors, like greens, tans, and rust reds. Cool tones on the other hand including colors like grays, blacks, and blues. If you don’t match colors with like colors, you could end up with a home that appears inconsistent.

HOA Limitations

HOAs are known for being picky and meticulous about home appearances within the community. Before you pick a final color for your roof and allow work to begin, you should double-check it meets HOA requirements. You don’t want to invest a significant portion of your home remodeling budget into new roofing only to find out you need to replace it with an HOA-approved alternative.

Get Your New Roof

Have you made a decision? Once you’ve picked out the perfect roofing color to match your home, you’ll want to select a contractor you can trust to install it.

Hire a roofing contractor with roofing materials you like with the capability to install the type of roofing you want on your home. There’s no sense in speaking with a metal roofing contractor if you prefer the look of shingles. You should also look into their previous work and testimonials from previous clients to see if they are the best fit for you.

If you need a shingle roof on your Tennesse home, request a quote to begin the stress-free reroofing process.

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